Here's some of my favorite tools I've used! I tried to put some descriptions below.

I used affiliate links for products. It doesn't cost you anything, but will help support!

My favorite pens. So smooth.

My favorite pencils. Love the 0.5mm style. Love the erasers as well!

Colorful lead!! Super fun to play with. Sometimes hard to erase.

Great for laminated sign in sheets. The click pens are easier, but people always forget to unclick and it dries the pen out.

I bought 2 of these when I was in Japan! It's a pencil case that turns into a pen cup. Helpful to travel all my favorite supplies from tech table to booth to office.

Can't live without colorful post its. AND the Post-it Mini Notes, 1.5 in x 2 in.

I love these so much! The paper is colorful as well. Also comes in purple and pink.

Mini scissors are always helpful if a large one doesn't fit in your pencil case.

We've used this for stuffers on 2 shorter running shows.

Great for kneepad storage (to dry them out), or as Prop PocketsTM, or for water bottles.

I LOVE THESE. Magnet clips. 

Fiskars and Wescott scissors are my fav.

Blanket Hoodie. A theatre MUST HAVE.
I bought 5 of these for the ASL SM team.
Perfect for a cold theatre. The pocket fits a laptop and snacks. (and allgedly a cat...)

Thanks to Judie for this addition! It's a hole reinforcer stamper!

This is the best stapler for mass items. Staples easily, like butter.

Amazon discontinued their repositionable tape, but this one is good as well! It turns anything into a post it note.

Comes with USB and USBC ports!

Easy to use and clean! And the small cubes fit in water bottles.


I used this on 3 Broadway shows in 2022! We never tried the free ink though.

I love magnets almost as much as I love shelves. These are STRONG. You can use gaff tape and make anything magnetic.

Double hooks are great for coats/sweaters.

I mean... Signage, am I right?

Great for any joint pain! Kinda like a topical ibuprofen. 

I'll never go back to eating chalk tums again. These are like fruity mentos.

My favorite lotion! Thanks, --bj!

Ask your PT folks for one of these. Great for getting knots out of your back!