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Miss Hearing Stage Manager Calls? Hadestown Assistant Stage Manager Cherie B. Tay Has Got It Covered
By Lindsey SullivanAug 21, 2020
Out-of-work stage manager records her show calls for those missing theater work
By Rusty BlazenhoffAug 21, 2020
Do you miss hearing stage manager calls? A New York SM has got you covered
By Chris PetersonAug 20, 2020
Watch the Cast and Creators of Hadestown in an LGBTQ+ Virtual Roundtable
By Dan Meyer Jun 29, 2020
Lyceum Hall Center For The Arts Offers Self Tape Seminar and Audition Rep Overhaul Workshop
Jul 8, 2020
Broadway Stage Manager Launches Timely Uplifting News Podcast
By BWW News Desk Apr 20, 2020
eVOcation 2020 Voice Over Scholarship Recipient
Beyond The Spotlight Podcast Interview
By John Diener
Way down Hadestown: An interview with Stage Manager Cherie B. Tay
By Suraj SingareddyApr 29, 2020
What it’s like to work backstage on Broadway
By ARHSApr 16, 2020
The Essentials of Theatre
By Lisa MulcahyInterview Section
Experiencing Broadway Music. A Listener's Companion
By Kat SherrellPhoto Credit